Many of the measures required to halt global warming can simultaneously lead to healthier eating habits, cleaner air to breathe and more everyday exercise. This is pointed out by an international research group in a new study, where they calculate that these health effects can save millions of people from dying prematurely, as a positive side effect of the climate measures themselves.

Reflecting on the findings, Chris Malley says:

“The results are supported by several similar studies that have come in recent times. And this is not really that surprising, because diet, exercise and clean air are some of the factors that matter most to our health and they all have a strong connection to greenhouse gas emissions.”

“Climate work is often considered a heavy burden, which we must implement in order to meet the Paris Agreement. But this study shows that at the same time we gain an enormous amount of other benefits from taking these measures.”

Read the full article at Aftonbladet (Swedish).