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SEI Asia Delegation to Participate in Asia-Pacific Climate Week 2023

Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) Asia participates in the upcoming Asia-Pacific Climate Week 2023, taking place in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, from November 13 to November 17. SEI’s team of experts are available for interviews, comments and analysis. All SEI’s events during the week are open to the media.

Published on 10 November 2023
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Thailand floods, Natural Disaster.

Thailand floods, Natural Disaster.

Photo: Ratnakorn Piyasirisorost / Getty Images.

The SEI Asia Center will participate in the Asia-Pacific Climate Week (APCW) 2023, which provides a platform for policymakers, practitioners, businesses and civil society to exchange on climate solutions, barriers to overcome and opportunities realized in different regions.

The first global stocktake will conclude at COP28 in United Arab Emirates in December of this year. The stocktake offers a unique opportunity to call for decisive change. It is an opportunity to urgently respond to the need to accelerate progress by collectively embarking on a swift and profound transformation of our economic and social systems.

The Climate Weeks consider four major systems-based tracks to provide region-focused contributions to inform the global stocktake:

  • Energy systems and industry
  • Cities, urban and rural settlements, infrastructure and transport
  • Land, ocean, food, and water
  • Societies, health, livelihoods, and economies

Event Details

What: Asia-Pacific Climate Week 2023

Where: Johor Bahru, Malaysia

When: 13-17 November 2023

Read more on SEI’s eventpage. 

Key SEI Asia Delegation Members

Dr. Francis X. Johnson (Senior Research Fellow, Climate Policy)

Francis has over 25 years of interdisciplinary experience in energy and climate analyses, focusing on biomass, land use, and their implications for climate and development objectives. His work encompasses environmental impact assessment, policy analysis, market development and governance mechanisms across sectors and scales. He was a lead author for the IPCC Special Report on Climate Change and Land, advising international initiatives by UNIDO, FAO, SCOPE/UNESCO and the European Commission.

Stefan Bößner (Research Fellow, Policy)

Stefan’s fields of expertise include energy transitions, energy security, renewable energy integration, international energy markets, geopolitics of energy, green innovation, bioeconomy pathways, land-based mitigation technologies and practices, fossil fuel phase out and international energy and climate policies.

Minh Tran (Research Fellow, Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction)

Minh has urban planning with interests in urban informality, equitable and inclusive adaptation planning, and transformation. She is particularly intrigued by what emerging trends and knowledge in climate change and disaster mean for existing practices in urban development.

Dayoon Kim (Research Associate, Gender, Environment, and Development)

Dayoon supports climate migration, gender equality and disaster risk reduction initiatives in SEI Asia as well as other climate change research focused on gender and social equity.

Isabelle Mallon (Research Associate, Gender, Environment, and Development)

Isabelle joined SEI Asia’s Gender, Environment, and Development cluster in May 2023. Prior to her role at SEI Asia, she gained experience in ESG and geopolitical risk at a consultancy firm in London. Isabelle is also the UK Representative for Chatham House’s Common Future Conversation Programme, where she collaborates with young individuals and global policymakers in Europe and Africa to shape decisions on critical issues such as climate change and social equality.

Media contact

Our experts are available for interviews, panel discussions and briefings throughout the event.

To schedule interviews or arrange meetings with our experts, please contact Charmaine Caparas, Communications Manager, at [email protected].

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