The tv-hosts Tilde de Paula Eby and Axel Pileby interview SEI’s Katarina Axelsson in the Swedish programme “Efter fem” on TV4. Photo: Efter fem / TV4.

Low-carbon lifestyle

“Many people want to make a change, for example eating less meat and flying less,” says Tilde de Paula Eby, presenter for the new Swedish TV programme “Efter fem”.

“SEI and WWF’s Klimatkalkylator is a simplified calculation tool that can be used by individuals to get an idea of what impact their own lifestyle has on the climate,” said Katarina Axelsson, Research Fellow at SEI.

The climate calculator tool allows people to calculate their individual climate impact. The tool has until today been used by approximately 400 000 Swedes.

Individual climate goals

“On average, travel and transport accounts for about 30% of Swedish households’ climate impact. Some people do not fly at all or very seldom. But, if you fly often, the emissions will obviously increase,” said Katarina.

“The target of seven tonnes [of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions per capita per year] has been set for the year 2020. The long-term goal for 2050 corresponds to one tonne of CO2 equivalent.”

The Mandelmanns’ success and tips

The Mandelmann family’s results were five tons when they tested their carbon footprint in the climate calculator. One of the most important tips mentioned in the tv-programme is climate travel.

“Of course, we always take the train,” said the Mandelmann family. “We also always try to influence; we encourage people to take the train or the bus. Moreover, it is smart to make energy at home.”