Present at the workshop was hydrologist and SEI US Associate Devaraj de Condappa who explained that the workshop is part of the Climate Information for Integrated Renewable Electricity Generation (CIREG) project, lead by the Potsdam Institute for Climate Change Impact Research.

CIREG is an elaboration of a model-based support for decision-makers in the energy sector that establishes and provides necessary climate services.

“Given the projected climate variability, electricity generation through renewable sources such as hydro, wind or solar is likely to be challenged. CIREG thus will consider the entire water-energy-food-climate connection because decisions taken in the energy sector will inevitably have a feedback on water supply and food production,” said Condappa.

Participants were also given hands-on training on the software tools Water Evaluation and Planning Systems (WEAP) and the Long-range Energy Alternatives Planning Systems (LEAP) that assist in water and energy modeling.