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Almedalen Week is a week of political discussions, dialogues and events, which is held once a year on Gotland in Sweden. This year, Almedalen week, including this event, will be hosted digitally on the platform Almedalsveckan Play.

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In order to reach the targets in the Paris Agreement, emissions must be halved by 2030. The upcoming COP26 in November, hosted by the UK, will be a decisive moment for climate action, as endorsement of adequate policy, technology, behaviour and business models will be essential to decarbonize the economy.

This panel discussion will explore the role of businesses at COP26 and draw on the lessons learned from the past ten years on the path towards 2030. How can corporate action contribute to the transformation towards a zero-carbon economy and in accelerating the transition away from fossil fuels?

The event is co-organized by SEI and the British Embassy in Sweden, and gathers representatives from the government, corporate and science sectors to discuss the needs and opportunities in accelerating the transition. Watch the event livestream on 7 July, 12:30-13:30 CEST, here .

Stockholm Environment Institute British Embassy in Stockholm

Key topics

Key questions that will be addressed during the event include:

  • What happened in the business sector after 2021 that really enabled the changes needed to deliver the Paris Agreement?
  • What measures could be agreed at COP26 that would help to accelerate business climate ambition further?
  • What specific policy or market drivers incentivise climate action for businesses – and what needs to change? How can they be made easier to access/implement? Do governments and businesses agree on the best measures for accelerating change?
  • What have been the key learnings from the past ten years, in how business can accelerate change? What did you do at a personal level that you wouldn’t do today?
  • What’s one concrete example of a change you hope for over the coming decade?


David Moran, UK COP26 Regional Ambassador for Europe

Olle Olsson, Senior Research Fellow at SEI with expertise in energy markets, energy policy and bioenergy

Paul Huggins, Associate Director at Carbon Trust

Lena Hök, Senior Vice President Sustainability at Skanska Group

Jakob Lundgren, Political Advisor to Sweden’s Minister for Environment Per Bolund


The discussion will be moderated by Frida Berry Eklund, Climate Communications Specialist and Head of Operations at Våra barns klimat