Biodiversity-Based Economy Development Office (BEDO), in collaboration with Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI), will organize a webinar titled “Bioeconomy policy forum: Development of a sustainable, inclusive and community-driven bioeconomy”.


  • To exchange experiences and perspectives on global and regional bioeconomy policy
  • To understand visions of inclusiveness and sustainability in the bio-, circular and green (BCG) economy model
  • To foster collaboration and exchange knowledge on development of an inclusive, sustainable and community-driven bioeconomy in Thailand

Meeting agenda:

Time Activity
9–9:15 Technical setup and registration


Welcome to webinar and overview

Dr Petch Manopawitr, Moderator



Introduction to Bioeconomy Policy Forum

Tunyaluck Charoenpru, Acting Director General, BEDO, Thailand



Opening remarks

Dr Wijarn Simachaya, Chairman, Board of Directors, BEDO, Thailand

Dr Chayanis Krittasudthacheewa, Deputy Director of SEI Asia

9:35–10:05 Keynote speech: From Biodiversity to Bioeconomy

  • Biodiversity as BioAsset

Dr Raweewan Bhuridej, Secretary-General of Office of Natural Resources and Environmental Policy and Planning, Thailand

  • Moving Forward to Bioeconomy in Thailand

Prof Dr Sanit Aksornkoae, Board Advisor, BEDO, Thailand

10:05–10:35 Session 1: Bioeconomy Policy Sharing and Bioeconomy Network


Perspectives on Global Bioeconomy Policy
(Bioeconomy in Global Level) Francis X. Johnson, Senior Research Fellow, SEI



Overview of the Status on Bioeconomy in ASEAN
(Bioeconomy at the ASEAN Level)
Ekoningtyas Wardani, Programme Specialist, ASEAN Center for Biodiversity
10:35–10:45 Q&A
10:45–12:05 Session 2: Envisioning Social Sustainability in BCG Economy (focus on community engagement)

2.1: Social Sustainability in the Bioeconomy

Ha Nguyen, Research Fellow, SEI (15 minutes)

2.2: The Role of the Community in Thailand’s Bioeconomy

Dr Tanit Changthavorn, Deputy Director General, BEDO (15 minutes)

2.3: Promotion of Sustainable Consumption and Production and BCG Economy in ASEAN

Associate Prof Dr Nattavud Pimpa, ASEAN Centre for Sustainable Development Studies and Dialogue (15 minutes)

2.4: Inclusiveness and Civic Engagement in the Bioeconomy

Suriyon Thunkijjanukij, National Economics and Social Development Council (15 minutes)

All speakers to prepare 5-minute remarks prior to their presentation covering the below questions.

Session 2 panel discussion (20 minutes):

  • Why should we consider the principles of inclusiveness and sustainability in promoting the bioeconomy?
  • What is the cost of missing out on considering the social dimension of sustainability in promoting the BCG Economy? What should be done to incorporate the social cost-benefits into BCG Economy agenda?
  • What are benefits and challenges in implementing these principles in the Thai bioeconomy?
  • What can be done to strengthen the involvement and influence of grassroots communities and civil society in BCG policy development, process and outcomes?
  • What can we do to overcome these challenges? What interventions do we need to integrate into bioeconomy development plans?
  • What is the potential for collaboration and how can we work together to achieve our vision

Moderated by May Thazin Aung, Research Fellow, Stockholm Environment Institute



Dr Petch Manopawitr, Moderator



Closing remarks

Tunyaluck Charoenpru, Acting Director General, BEDO, Thailand

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This webinar is free and open to all. Join us to hear more about experiences and perspectives on global and regional bioeconomy policy.

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