Thematic Workshop : Advancing gender-responsive child- and youth-led climate change adaptation

Date: Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Time: 1:15 – 3:00 pm

Location: Ballroom 1, Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel

The session focuses on gender equity in youth-led climate action, with a world café being the main activity where participants  brainstorm how to advance gender-responsive, youth-led climate action and leave the event with pledges for commitment. To faciliate the discussions, SEI and Plan will share some research, evidence base and practical tools and experience. The world cafe will also be grounded on the proposal by GAYO for a youth-led, youth-owned resilience lab and will discuss how such a lab can be gender responsive.

Marketplace: Gender equality and youth inclusion in climate action: Participation and partnerships

The joint stall brings to the marketplace practical learning materials, best practices, toolkits and research findings on children- and-youth-led, gender-responsive, and inclusive climate change adaptation developed by SEI, Plan International and partners. We hope to learn and exchange for better understanding and action to amplify the voices and actions of children and young people in climate change adaptation.


Join us at CBA17: the only adaptation conference that puts the lived experience and knowledge of local people at the centre.

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