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Future Treescape 24

The Future Treescape 2024 conference in Glasgow will unite researchers, stakeholders, policymakers, and woodland enthusiasts to unveil the latest research’s contributions to our trees, woodlands, and forests. SEI York’s expert, Alison Dyke, will present insights from the Branching Out project, focusing on the use of storytelling for a more inclusive approach to understanding the inter-relationships between values of nature and health and well-being.

11 to 13 June 2024
Close-up of female hand touching the tree in forest. Environmental conservation, ecosystem and sustainability.

Close-up of female hand touching the tree in forest. Environmental conservation, ecosystem and sustainability.

Photo: Oscar Wong : Getty Images

The  Future Treescapes 24 final conference is a celebration of the ground-breaking achievements and outputs of the UK Treescapes project. With the theme “unlocking the future of UK treescapes”, this conference reflects on new knowledge pathways and calls for a refocus on tree establishment and resilience in the UK.

11 June, 12:30 PM – 01:30 PM (BST) – Research Highlight

Alison Dyke: “Trees to live from, with, in and as: social and cultural values in relationships of care and wellbeing”

Under the session, understanding the role of trees in urban environments, SEI researcher Alison Dyke discussed the Branching Out project and its use of a diverse framework for a more inclusive approach to the study on the values of nature. The session explored people’s relationships of care with urban treescapes and their vital role in fostering overall well-being.

The study leveraged stories of trees, which are at the heart of the Branching Out project and is the key method for gathering and analyzing the values that people hold in relation to urban treescapes. The analysis of wellbeing in these stories presents differences and commonalities, especially the entanglement of human and non-human wellbeing. The study highlights the importance of cross species relationships of care between people and trees, which enable wellbeing to emerge.

Additionally, the Branching Out project hosted a series of workshops from 11 to 13 June at the conference, focusing on the past, the present and future. The workshops showcased the Branching Out findings and offer participants the opportunity to interact with its outputs.

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