Green Recovery Multi-Stakeholder Forum speakers and panelists

Graphic: SEED .

The forum will also be used to showcase the policy recommendations leveraging the insights harvested throughout the two lead-up events to support the overall uptake with key stakeholders.

The Green Recovery Forum serves as a culminating public event of 60-80 participants with an aim to facilitate dialogues about Green Recovery MSMEs policy decisions. The Multi-Stakeholder Forum provides a platform to create mutual recognition for sustainable goals in economic recovery, boosting back income, and growth on a fair and environmentally-friendly path. Mainstreaming the Green Recovery with the main stakeholder groups which are MSMEs, intermediaries, and policymakers will translate into more decent jobs, gender equality and social inclusiveness, and sustainable communities.

This event is funded by SEI and is taking place on the sidelines of the Asia-Pacific Forum on Sustainable Development 2022 taking place from 28–31 March 2022 in Bangkok, Thailand.