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As the Covid-19 pandemic has so vividly reminded us, in our interconnected world, shocks can ripple out well beyond the countries where they first occur, as they disrupt flows of trade, finance, people, and shared resources. This is why, as the EU Strategy on Adaptation to Climate Change notes, “the impacts of climate change have knock-on impacts across borders and continents”.

Adaptation Without Borders is a global partnership that aims to build understanding of cross-border and cascading climate risks, identify effective strategies to manage them and foster international cooperation and multilateral action to forge a common path to a more just and resilient future.

DG CLIMA is Adaptation Without Borders’ inaugural institutional supporter. Its partners around the world will work with the EU’s international and regional partners to promote dialogue and joined-up action on this “next generation” of climate risks, supporting vulnerable communities while recognizing that all countries share an interest in building global resilience to climate change.

This high-level event will launch the collaboration between the European Commission and Adaptation Without Borders, shine a spotlight on the implications of cross-border and cascading risks for climate diplomacy and make the case for a new era of adaptation defined by global cooperation.

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Visualization of the Adaptation Without Borders launch event at COP26

Because we live in an interconnected world, international cooperation on adaptation to climate change is key to addressing the global challenge of adaptation. Graphic: Jorge Martin / Adaptation Without Borders .