At this seminar, researchers and stakeholder partners involved in the Mistra Geopolitics programme will present and discuss new results from a comprehensive two-year scenario work process. We will also listen to two research presentations, deepening our understanding of climate and security risks as well as relevant international policy development in this important field.

Moderator: Eva Krutmeijer, Mistra Geopolitics
Language: English


13:00 Welcome address

  • Robert Egnell, Swedish Defense University

13:10 Presentation of Mistra Geopolitics and Stockholm Climate Security Hub

  • Eva Krutmeijer and Robert Watt

13:15 Scenarios that help us navigate towards a secure and sustainable future

  • Karl Hallding, Kevin Adam, Sara Talebian and Kristian Skånberg, SEI

13:40 Q&A with the audience

13:45 Comments and examples from researchers’ perspectives

How can the scenarios help in developing policies – how can they help in framing new research questions?

  • Malin Mobjörk, SIPRI
  • Magnus Benzie, Stockholm Environment Institute

14:10 Panel discussion

How is this research relevant for Swedish decision makers and how does it relate to the Swedish national security strategy  (Nationella säkerhetsstrategin )?

Panel with Linda Lingsten – Havs- och Vattenmyndigheten (HaV), Eva Blixt – Jernkontoret, Mats Kinnwall – Teknikföretagen, Cecilie Tenfjord Toftby (M) – Riksdagens försvarsutskott

14:30 Q&A session and discussion 

15:00 Closing remarks

After the seminar, please stay for a coffee and mingle with the researchers.


The event is free for registered attendees.

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The seminar is organised jointly by Mistra Geopolitics and Swedish Defence University in connection with Stockholm Climate and Security Hub .