Kristian has written reports for the Club of Rome, the Global Building Workers’ Trade Union, the Swedish Steel and Forestry Industries, Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, and the Swedish Prime Minister’s office.

Have formerly worked as the economist for the Swedish Green Party but also with the development of the System of Integrated Environmental and Economic Accounting, constructing “Green GDP:s” published in UN handbooks and “Environmentally extended Forestry Accounts” for Eurostat.

Ph.D studies in Economics and in Business Adminstration at Stockholm School of Economics, but also in Systems Ecology at Stockholm University. MBA-studies at Darden Business School at University of Virginia. Published a handful of academic papers together with others, for instance: Deutsch, L, Folke, C, and Skånberg, K. 2003, ”The critical natural capital of ecosystem performance as insurance for human well-being”. Ecological Economics 44(2-3): 205-217.