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Nordic Conference on Climate Change Adaptation

Transboundary climate risks are given significant attention for the first time at the Nordic Conference on Climate Change Adaptation. SEI experts on climate risks and adaptation will share the latest research insights on transboundary climate risks.

17 to 19 April 2023
Reykjavík, Iceland

Grand Hotel Reykjavík

SEI speakers

Frida Lager
Frida Lager

Research Associate

SEI Headquarters

Mikael Allan Mikaelsson
Mikael Allan Mikaelsson

Policy Fellow

SEI Headquarters

Richard J.T. Klein
Richard J. T. Klein

Team Leader: International Climate Risk and Adaptation; Senior Research Fellow

SEI Headquarters


The 6th Nordic Conference on Climate Change Adaptation, NOCCA23’ was held in Iceland, Reykjavík Grand Hotel on the 17th-19th of April 2023, the same year that Iceland will hold the Presidency at the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Conference outputs  

NOCCA collects knowledge from municipal experts and civil servants to enhance the value of current work carried out in the Nordic region and contributes to the mainstreaming of climate change adaptation into decision-making and planning on the municipal level. It will provide a certain overview of the knowledge of existing methodological approaches to climate change adaptation on the municipal level in the Nordic region.

Frida Lager at the Nordic Conference on Climate Change Adaptation, April 2023.

Recorded sessions

Watch the full presentation by Frida Lager and all recorded sessions


Policy brief

Stronger together for a climate resilient north – Mainstreaming adaptation to climate change at the local level in the Nordic Countries


More information

The focus of NOCCA 2023 was on adaptation in cities and municipalities in the Nordic countries. What actions have been implemented and how, what has worked and what are the key learnings in the adaptation process. The event is a valuable venue for Nordic countries to exchange key learnings and to open the dialog on adaptation.

The conference welcomes all who work on climate change adaptation, within the fields of science, in local communities, governments and municipal administration, in ministries and national authorities, politics, businesses, industry and NGOs.

The 6th Nordic Conference on Climate Change Adaptation

Nordic Conference on Climate Change Adaptation. Graphic: NOCCA.

Programme and registration

The first day of the conference is filled with informative lectures on different aspects on adaptation and will be streamed live. The second day consists of hands-on workshops focusing on practical solutions and Nordic cooperation. SEI researchers will contribute to the following sessions: 

Monday April 17 (GMT)

9:00-10:20 Opening Session

10:20-12:30 International and transboundary aspects on adaptation

Tuesday April 18 (GMT)

13:00-16:15 Workshop: Transboundary impacts

Find the full programme and registration at NOCCA.

The event is funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers and organized by the Icelandic Met Office.

Children at Jokulsarlon Lagoon, Iceland. Photo: stockstudioX / Getty Images.

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