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Philanthropy Asia Summit 2024: Partnership for Action

SEI Asia will share insights on the role of international and regional research institutes to help bridge knowledge and capacity gaps at the annual Philanthropy Asia Summit in Singapore on 15-18 April 2024.

Photo: Philathropy Asia Alliance

15 to 18 April 2024

Launched in 2021, the annual Philanthropy Asia Summit serves as a collaborative platform to convene and connect global and regional philanthropists to catalyse partnerships. It aims to activate multi-sector stakeholders and design Calls to Action to collectively address societal challenges in achieving greater impact and common good.
Philanthropy Asia Summit 2024 features thought leaders showcasing systems thinking in philanthropy centred around three mandates – Climate & Nature, Holistic & Inclusive Education, and Global & Public Health.

Attendance is by invitation only.

Philanthropy Asia Summit is organized by Philanthropy Asia Alliance.


Niall O’Connor


SEI Asia

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