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Scaling innovative off-grid solutions for global crises

The sWASH&grow project held its final seminar on 20 October 2022. The event highlighted off-grid innovations that have the ability to facilitate more circular solutions in the WASH sector.


20 October 2022 at 13:30 CEST

ending at 16:30 CEST

Stockholm, Sweden and Online

The sWASH&grow project’s final seminar was organized by the project’s 28 partners. sWASH&grow aims to improve the conditions for innovators to meet relief organizations’ demands and enable sustainable and circular innovations in the WASH sector to reach vulnerable populations in humanitarian crises as well as areas without access to critical utilities and services.

The project has, through testbeds in cooperation with buyers and users, tested innovative sustainable solutions and designed tools for development, scaling and export. After two years it’s time to sum up:

  •  what has been achieved and how do we move forward?

This hybrid event gathered key stakeholders from the NGO, private and public sectors to discuss innovative solutions to facilitate more circular solutions in the WASH sector, that meet global demands.


12:30 – 13:30 Lunch

13:30 Welcome and Introduction (RISE)

13:40 Keynote: “Sida strategy for private sector cooperation and innovation”(TBC)

13:55 Success factors & the global market for off-grid solutions (SEI)

14:05 Experiences from off-grid test beds

  • The SaniC – closing the loop of sanitation and agriculture – Bolivia
  • The TreeWell – Nature-based wastewater system – South Africa and Lebanon
  • The Biomweb IoT – monitoring system for on-site WWTP in Lebanon
  • The (H)unit – disinfection and water purification
  • The MDD Titan – desalination and water purification

14:45 Q&A

14:55 Coffee break

15:10 The Parlametric tool for online match-making

15:25 Opportunities within cooperation, alliances and scaling

  • Malmö University – a testbed for collaboration & scaling
  • SISP – Swedish Incubators and Science Parks’ support for innovators’ internationalization
  • WIN Water – a base for multi-sector partnerships
  • ElectriCity– Urban Tech Sweden – a testbed for system delivery and scaling

16:10 Q&A discussion

16:30 Closing remarks

Watch the recording

Video: SEI/YouTube

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