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Meeting to explore new avenues for the partnership

SEI’s relationship with Tufts University began in 2006, when SEI-US was seeking to partner with a research university. Tufts offered not only a complementary vision of international engagement around issues of development and sustainability, but also a solid research base for environmental issues.

Since, then collaboration with Tufts has been central to the work of SEI-US, bringing together the two institutions’ wealth of expertise in numerous programmes over the years. Both sides have benefited from the complementarity of their respective focuses on supporting decision-making and education.

The exchange has also been at the personal level, with SEI researchers such as Annette Huber-Lee and Eric Kemp-Benedict teaching classes at Tufts, and Tufts students interning at the SEI office or applying SEI tools like WEAP or MYWAS (Multi-Year Water Allocation Systems) in their academic research. Far from the least significant contribution to SEI-US work has been providing a home for the centre HQ on the Tufts campus in Somerville, MA.

“Our relationship with Tufts has been invaluable. Bringing in a diversity of voices, of ideas, of expertise constantly enriches both discussions we have and the outcomes of our research, and the benefits are felt on both sides. I’m sure that the symposium will usher in another decade of exciting collaboration,” says Huber-Lee.

Tuesday’s symposium brings together some leading lights from both SEI and Tufts to discuss the nexus of global issues of water, energy, food, health, and climate. Steven Chapra, Tufts Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and SEI Executive Director Johan L. Kuylenstierna, will deliver keynote speeches, while TIE Director Linda Abriola and SEI-US Director Michael Lazarus will act as Masters of Ceremonies.

The centerpiece of the symposium will be two panel discussions; the first on Climate and Energy, moderated by William Moomaw of Tufts, the second on Food, Water and Health, moderated by SEI’s Eric Kemp-Benedict. For full lists of SEI and Tufts panelists, see the symposium webpage .

The event will conclude with a poster session and reception where students and researchers will share their original research or collaborative scholarship.



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