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SEI expert to address press on land use, climate change

Sweden’s meteorological institute SMHI as national contact for the IPCC is hosting a press conference to brief on the key points of the IPCC special report on land use and climate change of which a summary was released 8 August.

SMHI’s Lena Lindström and Markku Rummukainen speak along with SEI’s Senior Research Fellow Francis X. Johnson, a lead author of the report.

9 August 2019 at 08:30

ending at 10:00

Stockholm, Sweden and Online

World Trade Center, Klarabergsviadukten 70

Event contact

Andrea Lindblom

How does the land we live off affect climate change? How can land be used to reduce emissions – and feed the world’s growing population at the same time?  The IPCC report on climate change and land touches on many thorny issues, and the question of which key points should be made in the summary was therefore hotly debated.

At SMHI’s press conference on Friday, a lead author of the report, SEI’s Francis X. Johnson, explains details and answers questions.

“The report makes very clear what a critical role land use plays in managing climate change and identifies the multiple ways in which it is connected to both climate and development targets. It highlights the urgent need for changes in how we use land and biomass,” says Francis X. Johnson.

More information from SMHI

Note that the press conference will be held in Swedish. There will be an opportunity to ask questions separately in English.

SEI expert at the event

Francis X. Johnson
Francis X. Johnson

Senior Research Fellow

SEI Asia

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Land : Land use / Climate : Climate policy
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