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Established in 1989, SEI York has a diverse research agenda including air pollution, climate change, sustainable consumption and human health. Often using a range of participatory approaches such as citizen science, we help policymakers in the UK and around the world make informed decisions for a sustainable future.

The new five-year agreement builds on a fruitful historical collaboration, and promises significant advances towards a more just and equitable world that enables societies to flourish in a healthy environment.

The event

Partnership working is at the core of what SEI York does. This event, which consisted of a panel discussion and networking/poster reception, showcased our research and our strength in partnership building to deliver impactful results.

Through a series of four case studies, you will hear how our researchers navigated the challenges and opportunities of partnership working, avoided common pitfalls and maintained momentum to deliver outcomes.

Event agenda

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13:30 – 13:35

Chair: Rob Watt, Communications Director and Head of Strategic Policy Engagement, SEI HQ

  • Overview of event and introductions
13:35 – 13:40

Professor Kiran Trehan, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Partnerships and Engagement, University of York

  • University of York’s approach to partnerships and engagement and strategic priorities for the future.
  • The University of York – SEI York – SEI partnership and value that brings
13:40 – 13:45

Professor Måns Nilsson, Executive Director, SEI

  • SEI’s approach to partnerships and engagement, and strategic priorities for the future
  • The University of York – SEI York – SEI partnership and value that brings
13:45 – 13:50

Dr Sarah West, Centre Director, SEI York

  • SEI’s approach to partnerships and engagement
  • The University of York – SEI York – SEI partnership and value that brings

Case Studies:

SEI York researchers and external partners will share details about their projects involving partnerships working. They will discuss:

  • How the partnership started
  • The main challenges and opportunities
  • How they maintained momentum
  • How the partnership added value for all
  • What were the outcomes
  • Next steps
13:50 – 14:00

Case Study 1:

Commodity footprints – understanding the global environmental impacts of consumption and production

Simon Croft, Research Fellow, SEI York

Lawrence Way, Ecosystems Analysis (co-lead), Joint Nature Conservation Committee

14:00 – 14:10

Case Study 2:

Branching out – New routes to valuing urban treescapes

Alison Dyke, Research Associate, SEI York

Jonathan Dent, Natural Habitats Manager, St Nick’s

14:10 – 14:20

Case Study 3:

Air pollution and the private sector

Eleni Michalopolou, Research Associate, SEI York

Roderick Weller, Project Lead, Clean Air, World Economic Forum

14:20 – 14:30

Case Study 4:

Inclusive transport – improving mobility choices for vulnerable groups

Steve Cinderby, Senior Research Fellow

Carly Gilbert-Patrick, Sustainable Mobility Unit, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

14:30 – 14:55

Q&A led by Chair

14:55 – 15:00

Closing remarks

15:00 – 16:30

Networking and poster showcase