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Southeast Asia regional workshop on loss and damage

The aim of this regional workshop is to develop an understanding of loss and damage, particularly in the context of Southeast Asia, and to establish the need for a loss and damage financing facility in order to support communities who have already experienced or are expected to experience the negative impacts of climate change.

22 to 25 August 2022
Philippines and Online

Graphic: SEI.

As part of the workshop program, on 23 August 2022, the participants and organizers will be visiting the small island communities of Tubigon, with half of the group visiting Pangapasan and the other half visiting Batasan. In the islands, the workshop participants and organizers will conduct a community consultation with islanders, in order to appreciate their lived experiences particularly in dealing with effects of chronic tidal flooding and Typhoon Odette.

SEI speaker

Albert Salamanca
Albert Salamanca

Senior Research Fellow

SEI Asia

Topics and subtopics
Climate : Disaster risk, Finance
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