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Sustainable Water and Energy Solutions supporting climate change and biodiversity objectives through innovation and clean technologies

Ensuring universal access to sustainable energy, water and sanitation services while reducing related environmental impacts lies at the heart of sustainable development and climate change agendas. The world still faces major challenges in relation to energy and water resources.

9 November 2022 at 14:45 EGY

ending at 16:00 EGY

Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt and Online

SDG Pavillion, COP27 Venue

Event contact

Carol Mungo

The Global Sustainable Water and Energy Solutions Network, founded by UN DESA and Itaipu Binacional in 2018, aims towards a world where there is an equitable and sustainable use and management of water and energy resources for all, in support of human prosperity, ecosystem integrity and climate change objectives, under the umbrella of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The 2022 UN Conference on Climate Change (COP 27) offers a unique platform to discuss innovative and integrated technological systems for sustainable water and energy solutions supporting climate change and biodiversity objectives.

The main objectives of this event are:

  • To exchange and disseminate knowledge and experiences related to innovative technological systems designed to ensure efficient and effective use of water and energy resources.
  • To discuss the potential benefits and impacts of these innovative systems on climate change and biodiversity.


Moderator: Ms. Radia Sedaoui, Chief Energy Section, UNESCWA

  • Mr. Minoru Takada, Team Leader, Sustainable Energy, UN DESA
  • Mr. Marcos de Araujo, Special Secretary for Social Articulation, Secretariat of Government of the Presidency, Brazil
  • Ms. Maria Antonia Gwynn, Governing Council Member, Itaipu Binacional, Paraguay
  • Mr. Pascual Fernández, CEO, Canal de Isabel II, Comunidad de Madrid, Spain
  • Ms. Emily Rees, Europe Representative, Ethanol Group, UNALA
  • Ms. Shada El-Sharif, Senior Advisor, Climate Change & Sustainability, Jordan Prime Minister Office and Founder, SustainMENA, Jordan
  • Ms. Carol Mungo, Research Fellow, Africa Center, SEI, Kenya
  • Mr. Ariel Scheffer, Head of Environmental Management, Itaipu Binacional, Brazil
  • Mr. Sergio Méndez, Climatologist, Reservoir Division, Itaipu Binacional, Paraguay

Discussion and Questions

Closing Session: Way Forward

  • Mr. Minoru Takada, Team Leader, Sustainable Energy, UN DESA

SEI participant

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