The key topics addressed in the workshop were identifying the current gaps and challenges for chemical management in Cambodia and gathering expert opinions on how to address these challenges. SEI researchers Chanthy Sam, Linn Persson and Åsa Persson were all participants in the workshop.
The conclusions reached by participants in the workshop included:
  • Agricultural extension needs to be expanded and the extension officials are properly trained and resourced for their work to better manage the chemical uses and management with particularly local farmers.
  • Government agencies should coordinate the implementation and involve other stakeholders in formulating, approving and implementing the chemical relevant regulations, plans, policies and programs.
  • Insufficient incentives to comply with legislation, specifically within the private sector.
This workshop was held within the broader framework of the Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management (SAICM), a global agreement on how to reduce risks with the production and use of chemicals.  SAICM was signed in 2006 and will have its third meeting, the International Conference on Chemicals Management 3 (ICCM3), in Nairobi, Kenya, September 17th to 21st. The ICCM3 will deal with issues of implementation as well as with further development of the agreement including the addition of new activities to its Global Plan of Action.
A summary of the workshop discussion can be found in the workshop report available in Khmer and English:
Download the workshop report in English (PDF: 180kb)
Download the workshop report in Khmer(PDF: 143kb)