Particular topics that her research has addressed include environmental policy integration (EPI), ‘new’ environmental policy instruments, strategic environmental assessment, mainstreaming climate in development finance, climate and sustainable development finance, the role of international environmental agreements, and international regime complexes. Recently, her work has focused on climate adaptation, but she has also published on international chemicals management, sustainable development, waste policy, energy policy, and sustainable consumption.

Currently, she leads a four-year project funded by the Swedish research council Formas on examining the notion of global adaptation governance. This includes understanding how a global governance regime is emerging around the often local phenomenon of climate adaptation, but also how economic globalization affects adaptation options and how adaptation in developing countries can be financed and supported.

Her work has been published in journals such as Nature, Nature Climate Change, Climate Policy, Ecological Economics, International Environmental Agreements, Climate & Development, European Environment, and Journal of Environmental Policy and Planning.

She has led projects for policy-maker clients, such as the Danish and Swedish governments and the European Commission, and won several competitive grants from research councils. She has coordinated research inputs in policy and stakeholder processes such as the Tällberg Forum (leading to the widely cited planetary boundaries concept) and the IRF2015 series of negotiator retreats.