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Elin Leander

Research Fellow

Elin Leander

Elin Leander is a Research Fellow at SEI HQ – Water, Coasts and Ocean Team – Societies, Climate and Policy Support Division.

Elin is contributing within the teams work on governance of the blue economy, sources of marine pollution and coastal resilience and adaptation. She is currently working with the Mistra Geopolitics research theme Sustainable Oceans, and previously worked as the Project Manager for the programme.

Before joining SEI in 2019, she has worked with environmental policy (national and EU level), marine environmental monitoring e.g. mapping and monitoring plastic pollution, nutrients and toxic substances in the Baltic Sea, project management and coordination of e.g. EU projects.

Elin holds a M.Sc. in Environmental Change and Management from the University of Oxford, United Kingdom. Her master’s thesis was about examining the process of co-producing climate services for adaptation to natural hazards. Prior to this, she received a M.Sc. in Marine Biology with a specialization in ecotoxicology from Stockholm University, Sweden.

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