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George Njoroge

Research Fellow

George Njoroge is a Research Fellow at SEI Africa.

George Njoroge is a Research Fellow at SEI Africa with a research focus on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), Municipal Waste Management and climate risk reduction and adaptation strategies.

He is currently on sabbatical pursuing a PhD at the University of Dundee, Scotland. His interdisciplinary research covers diverse social and environmental contexts, engages with various stakeholders, and links knowledge with policy, practice, and learning. He has also consulted for NGOs, sub-national governments in Kenya and International Organizations including UN Habitat and GIZ.

George’s environmental career spanning over 15 years began in small-scale initiatives in both rural and urban communities in Kenya. In rural settings, he worked for Friends of Conservation, a pioneer in community conservation in Kenya where he provided support in wildlife conservation strategies and nature-based enterprises, and resolution of human-wildlife conflicts and natural resource use conflicts in pastoral and farming communities. In urban settings, he was involved in community mobilizing and training and fostered community participatory methodologies in initiatives such as solid waste management, water and sanitation, and slum upgrading. Through affiliation with Kenyan civil society organisations such as The Institute for Social Accountability (TISA), he contributed to advocacy for policies and interventions that can advance better management of the environment in urban settlements lacking municipal services and facilities.

George’s PhD is funded by the Scottish Government Hydro Nation Scholars Program and seeks to ‘harness the knowledge inherent in the multi-stranded hazard preparedness, risk reduction and adaptation strategies for dryland water resource systems, and to re-integrate this vital knowledge to reinforce the evidential threshold for policy, planning, and practice’ under uncertain climate futures. He holds a MSc. in Environment and Development from the University of Leeds in the UK through a Ford Foundation International Postgraduate Fellowship, and a BSc. in Natural Resource Management from Egerton University, Kenya. He is also a recipient of the Wild Gift Leader Fellowship in recognition of his contribution to environmental and socio-economic initiatives in vulnerable rural and urban communities in Kenya.

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