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Linn Järnberg

Research Fellow

Linn Järnberg

Linn Järnberg is a Research Fellow at SEI Headquarters in the Global Goals and Systems Team, Global Agendas, Climate and Systems Division. She is a PhD candidate at Linköping University and holds a MSc degree in sustainability science from Stockholm Resilience Centre, and a BA degree in political science from the University of Gothenburg.

Her research focuses on how to strengthen systems thinking in global and national policy and governance, including in the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). She is interested in governance innovations that promote integrated and transformative implementation of sustainability agendas.

Previous research has addressed sustainability transformations, SDG interactions, resilience thinking and complex systems, with projects located in India, Ethiopia, Sweden, and Sri Lanka.

Linn has experience developing tools and methods for policy-makers and practitioners that translate systems thinking into actionable approaches. She has also facilitated participatory processes and provided analytical support to multi-stakeholder policy processes.

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