Peter is at present on leave of absence to pursue PhD research with the Environmental Policy Group, Wageningen University, the Netherlands.

Peter holds a Master of Arts in History and Politics from the University of Edinburgh and a Master of Science from the Stockholm Resilience Center, Stockholm University. His main work experience prior to joining SEI is as a consultant for the Regional Planning and Urban Transportation Office in Stockholm.

Peter’s main research has been conducted within the Mistra-SWECIA programme on climate change, impacts and adaptation as well as the GOVREP project, with the main objective to improve the understanding of how the interaction between the energy and environmental regulatory regimes influence the promotion of renewable electricity production in Sweden.

His PhD research at Wageningen University draws on the work carried out at SEI and is focuses on environmental policy implementation and learning in water governance with a main focus on river restoration in relation to hydropower production and climate change adaptation of urban water services. His main interest lies in exploring to what extent and under what circumstances different forms of learning (social and organizational learning) provide an effective alternative to more hierarchical forms of environmental policy implementation.