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Peter M. Rudberg

SEI Affiliated Researcher

headshot photo Peter M. Rudberg

Dr. Peter M. Rudberg is an SEI Affiliated Researcher with SEI Headquarters. His primary research interest is in the governance of natural resources.

Peter was previously employed at the SEI for ten years, and during that time he participated in various international research projects, focused on topics such as renewable energy promotion, climate change adaptation, environmental policy implementation and water governance in the EU and North America. He has also worked and published with Wageningen University and the Stockholm Regional Planning Office.

Peter is currently conducting research and consultancy work with GeoViable and works from Córdoba, Spain and Stockholm, Sweden. Ongoing international research projects with SEI include Sustainable hydropower use and integration in China and Europe as well as Enhancing trust in government for effective water governance. Given his varied work locations, together with his knowledge of the English, Swedish, Spanish and French languages, Peter’s geographical foci of interest include the EU, the Nordic and Mediterranean regions and the Americas.

Peter works with the motto of doing what is possible while striving for what is required and is always interested in searching for evidence of, as well as contributing to, modifications increasing the sustainability of the management of natural resources. He is proud of his hands-on experience of bridging science and policy by playing an active role in the public debate leading up to legislative changes in 2019 in Sweden, related to hydropower production and river restoration.

In December, 2018, Peter was awarded a PhD from the University of Wageningen. His thesis investigated environmental policy implementation and learning in water governance. His MSc, from the Stockholm Resilience Center, explored the governance of social-ecological systems, while his MA, from the University of Edinburgh, focused on international and European history and politics.

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