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Pimolporn Jintarith

Research Associate

Pimolporn Jintarith is a Research Associate in Policy at SEI Asia. She joined SEI in September 2021.

Prior to rejoining SEI, she worked with Yunus Thailand Foundation on social business, community-based microfinance, and sustainable corporate governance. In addition, she was a research assistant for the project of “climate change adaptation in agriculture for enhanced recovery and sustainability of the highlands of Nan province of Thailand”, initiated by the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, funded by the Asian Development Bank (ADB). Her working component was mainly on agribusiness value chain in Nan.

Pimolporn holds a Masters in natural resources management from Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) focusing on social marketing and marine resource conservation. For her bachelor’s degree, she was major in Economics and marketing at Thammasat University.

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