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Ramón Bueno

Former employee

Ramón Bueno was a computer modeler and data analyst at SEI US until March 2013, working primarily on energy and climate change mitigation modeling.

Ramón has more than 20 years’ experience designing, building and using analysis models and information systems for a wide range of applications, from business intelligence and decision support systems, to public policy.

Prior to joining the SEI energy modeling team, he worked with the Climate Economics Group, which was dissolved in September 2012. There, his recent projects focused on two new models: CRED (Climate and the Regional Economics of Development), which connects climate policy and global equity concerns; and CBEI (Consumption-Based Emissions Inventory), which looks at the impact of consumer choices on climate change.

Bueno also did computer modeling for various SEI-US Climate Economics Group projects, and he co-authored Fat Tails, Exponents, and Extreme Uncertainty: Simulating Catastrophe in DICE, and The Caribbean and Climate Change: The Cost of Inaction (2008, with Cornelia Herzfeld, Elizabeth A. Stanton and Frank Ackerman), a report commissioned by the Environmental Defense Fund that he also translated into Spanish.

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