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CRED v.1.4 Technical Report

Frank Ackerman, Elizabeth A. Stanton, Ramón Bueno / Published on 22 August 2012

Ackerman, F., E.A. Stanton and R. Bueno (2012). CRED v.1.4 Technical Report. SEI Technical Report.



Climate and Regional Economics of Development (CRED) is an integrated assessment model with a central focus on the global distribution of climate damages and climate policy costs. It is designed to estimate the best pace of investment in emissions mitigation and the best distribution of the necessary investment costs among regions of the world, aiming to inform global climate negotiations and help break the stalemate between developed and developing countries.

Version 1.4 of the CRED model was completed in August 2012. This technical report describes the CRED v.1.4 methodology in detail.

Download the report (PDF, 300kb)

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