The goal is to address gaps and fragmentation challenges in current research, policy-making and practice, and support the development and implementation of an evidence base for research and innovation policies.

Specifically, PLACARD has the following objectives:

  • Establish a network of networks of different CCA and DRR stakeholder groups and initiatives at the international, European, national and sub-national scales;
  • Create a common ‘space ’to facilitate dialogue and consultation among stakeholders and initiatives;
  • Design effective science, policy and practice dialogues;
  • Take stock of the adaptation and DRR decision-making context;
  • Facilitate and guide knowledge exchange and mobilization between adaptation and DRR;
  • Strengthen adaptation and DRR institutions and give direction to policy-practice agendas;
  • Streamline the dissemination and implementation of ongoing and evolving research and innovation activities on adaptation and DRR across scales.