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Adis Dzebo

Senior Research Fellow

Adis Dzebo

Adis Dzebo works at SEI Headquarters as a Senior Research Fellow. His research focuses on global and transnational governance, transboundary climate risk and the role of non-state actors in climate change adaptation. His PhD thesis discusses the emergence, effectiveness and legitimacy of transnational adaptation governance.

Adis also works with the intersection between climate change and sustainable development, focusing on how we can overcome incoherence in national implementation of the Paris Agreement and the 2030 Agenda, both globally and at the national level. He is the lead developer of NDC-SDG Connections, an online tool that connects climate action to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Adis has previously worked on transition pathways towards sustainable development with regards to both adaptation and mitigation and particularly in terms of high-end scenarios. He was also the co-lead of the SEI Initiative on Global Finance between 2014-2019.

He holds a PhD from Utrecht University and a M.Sc. in Climate Change and International Development from University of East Anglia, United Kingdom. Before that, Adis received a B.Sc. in ‘Political Science and Economics’ from Lund University, Sweden.

Before joining SEI, Adis was a political advisor on climate and energy to the Green Party in Stockholm. He was also a research assistant at Lund University.

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