SEI is working with the Distrito Metropolitano de Quito (DMQ) to provide technical assistance to the Public Metropolitan Drinking Water and Sanitation Company (EPMAPS).

This project includes the development of a process to identify robust adaptation options for Quito’s Master Water Plan and to reduce the future vulnerability of the DMQ water supply system. The Inter-American Development Bank is funding the project, as part of its contribution to the National Development Plan.

Colorful houses on the hill in Quito, Ecuador. Photo: Shan Lu / Getty Images

The specific objectives of this project are to:

  • Generate information regarding both water availability under possible scenarios of climate change and growth in water demand. This will be used in the city’s new master plan to achieve a resilient water supply system.
  • Update the Water Evaluation And Planning (WEAP) system, including a review and subsequent selection of climate change scenarios, based on a sensitivity analysis with greater representation for Quito.
  • Increase the technical capacity of EPMAPS and other institutions involved in the planning of Quito’s potable water infrastructure, including training in Robust Decision Support.
  • Propose options for answers to key questions:
    • What scenarios of demand growth and water availability under climate change should be used in the Master Plan?
    • How vulnerable to climate change is Quito’s potable water supply system under the current investment program and management models?
    • What adaptation options should be implemented in the next 20 to 50 years to ensure resilience to climate change and disasters in the potable water supply system?