The main target for RECO Baltic 21 Tech is to generate at least 20 investment projects with a total value of over 50 M EUROS. In addition the waste management plans and strategies of participating countries are reviewed based on the life cycle approach.

RECO Baltic 21 Tech will continue to tackle the present lack of cooperation and coordination in waste management and spatial planning that was the focus of the previous RECO project. The goal is to find unexploited opportunities and facilitate investments into efficient large-scale waste management technologies.

The important tasks for RECO Baltic 21 Tech are:

  • Establishing a platform for expertise exchange of waste management in the BSR for each selected investment project.
  • Providing unbiased market surveys and access to latest research and Best Available Technology in investment projects.
  • Facilitating large scale network events for businesses and public stakeholders.
  • Ensuring exchange and cross-fertilisation of knowledge and experiences on investment projects across the BSR and other regions.
  • Supporting partners as well as the Baltic Sea Action Plan in the process of analysing, planning and implementing waste management investments.