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BuildERS works on increasing the social resilience capital of European communities by co-designing processes and tools with citizens, first-responder organisations and tool developers. The project incorporates an inclusive and interactive research and analysis process, where the results are not derived ‘top-down’ but through a ‘bottom-top’ dynamic interaction.

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Lisa Segnestam

Les Vans, France. Photo: Nicolas Van Leekwijck / Unsplash

The main objective of BuildERS is to enhance the overall resilience against both natural and man-induced hazards in European communities. The project achieves this by co-creating, deploying and validating tools and approaches that build social capital and raise realistic risk awareness among populations, particularly for people living in precarious socio-economic conditions who are vulnerable to disasters.

The outcomes of BuildERS will serve policy formulation, adoption of most efficient tools, and particularly the dialogue between policy makers, responder organisations and citizens.

The overarching research problem boils down to the question of unbiased risk awareness of vulnerable populations and their preparedness to withstand adversities, as well as to varying levels of social capital and different information and communication channels that enjoy varying levels of trust.


The more specific objectives that spring from the main objective are the following:

  1. Provide an understanding of and an analysis on how vulnerable segments of the population are impaired in terms of resilience compared to the main segments (age, gender, socio-economic status, education, etc.).
  2. Provide an understanding of and analysis on how country-specific cultural and institutional factors explain and affect the resilience of the most vulnerable groups.
  3. Bring forth the questions of most vulnerable groups to the policy agenda through a process of validation and evaluation of analysis findings with stakeholders that represent different sectors of society.
  4. Devise policies, strategies and tools – including technologies – in a co-creative process that accumulates and builds the social capital of the most vulnerable in order to enhance their resilience.
  5. Empower and activate the ‘builders’ of the social capital: the first-responders, policy-makers, administrators, public and private service providers and the media.


The Consortium

BuildERS consortium comprises high-profile academia, research and technology organisations, first-responder organisations and private companies. In addition, a powerful Advisory Board supports the work of the consortium. Board members come from ministries and international organisations. Most importantly, the Stakeholder Forum involves both root and decision-making level actors that have a crucial role in building social capital for resilience. The ideology is that by focusing on the most vulnerable groups, at the most concrete level, the overall resilience of the communities is enhanced.

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SEI team

Karina Barquet
Karina Barquet

Team Leader: Water, Coasts and Ocean; Senior Research Fellow

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