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An aerial of a forwarder collecting freshly cut timber logs on a clear cut area in rural Estonia

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The concept of planetary boundaries and its applicability in Estonia

Since the concept of planetary boundaries has so far received little attention in Estonia, both in society as a whole and at the academic level, the main goal of this project is to create an overview of the most important information related to this framework and to give a preliminary comment regarding the possibility of calculating the planetary boundaries for Estonia.

Active project


Project contact

Kaidi Tamm /

The project concludes with the report “Planetary Boundaries: Overview of the Concept and Prospects for its Implementation in Estonia” in January 2024. The report gives an overview of the following topics:

  • A brief overview of the concept of planetary boundaries and its further developments.
  • Examples of the interpretation of planetary boundaries to the level of a country or region and choices of distribution principles
  • Biophysical indicators and dilemmas of their selection for understanding biophysical planetary boundaries.
  • Potential data and databases for calculating biophysical indicators.
  • Popularity of the concept in the world and attempts to integrate it into politics.
  • Planetary boundaries and the doughnut economy – attempts to integrate the two concepts.
  • Social indicators and their potential data sources.
  • How should Estonia begin to calculate its “own share”?
  • List of relevant literature concerning the planetary boundaries concept.


The project was commissioned by the Estonian Green Movement.


SEI team

Kaidi Tamm

Head of Unit, Senior Expert (Sustainable Cities and Resilient Communities Unit)

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