The stories describe how research teams across the Mekong Region have combined research with engagement – with both policy-makers and communities – to add new knowledge and make a difference to the people of the Mekong region. Each team works across borders, combining expertise from different Mekong countries and seeking to understand regional issues.

The projects differ in their orientation, goals, and location along the research-policy continuum. All were carried out with support from the Sustainable Mekong Research Network (SUMERNET), which was established in 2005 and is now in its third phase, having grown from 14 to 60 partners.

The stories are:

  • Reducing flood risks for local communities along the Cambodia-Vietnam border
  • How urbanization impacts the hinterlands
  • Green tourism pathways: Promoting climate-friendly urban tourism in Hue and Chiang Mai
  • Understanding payment for environmental services in Vietnam
  • Directing benefits to the rural poor in contract farming
  • Gender and climate risks in the deltas of the Mekong Region
  • Providing insights for better forest conservation: Engaging with REDD+ policy-makers in Cambodia, Myanmar and Thailand
  • Chindwin Futures: Setting up a river basin organization
  • Co-producing knowledge to build resilience and recover regional wetlands
  • SUMERNET after ten years

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