The 2009 annual report contains ten articles that highlight SEI’s top outcomes in 2009, including:

  • how insights derived from SEI research prompt UK policy shift on carbon reduction
  • how SEI’s low-carbon China project helped persuade Chinese policymakers to propose radical measures to cut carbon
  • how SEI’s research shaped EU policy on eco-efficiency during the Swedish Presidency
  • how the Sumernet programme, through policy support, knowledge and training has brought a shift in development approaches across the Mekong region

Download the 2009 Annual Report (PDF: 1.18MB)

But this is only a glimpse into the transformative work of SEI. Have a look at our multimedia timeline which captures SEI’s impact in more detail, and provides you with an extended overview of key achievements not only from 2009 but all the way back to the launch of the institute in 1989.