Annual report cover: Leading a green recovery

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  • SEI's year in numbers
  • Our finances and funding
  • SEI Tallinn's growth
  • Six in-depth case studies

"Despite turbulent times last year, SEI continued to make progress. This report captures SEI’s development and highlights key achievements in 2022." — Måns Nilsson, SEI Executive Director

2022 in numbers

Get a snapshot of SEI’s year in numbers and where in the world we run projects. In 2022, we worked on 600+ active projects across 50+ countries, while continuing to produce high-quality research with 160+ journal articles and 100+ SEI publications.


Finance and funding

SEI receives support from a wide variety of sources, and is proudly committed to full financial transparency. Find out how SEI was funded in 2022.


SEI Tallinn in focus

Estonia has undergone a transformation since it gained independence in 1991. The SEI Tallinn centre was established 30 years ago and has grown along with the country. Learn more about SEI Tallinn’s work and people in a special feature.

Annual report 2022

The Estonian Parliament: SEI’s methods helped the Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Interior to get a clear picture of their footprints.


Holding the course for change

Our strategy kept our work on track last year, bringing real results for the climate, human rights, clean water, social equity, and much more. Read six in-depth case studies about how we delivered impact in 2022.

Annual report 2022

People cross a makeshift bridge in Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, September 2022. The flooding in Pakistan brought the issue of loss and damage into sharp focus ahead of COP27.

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