Annual report 2018: From policy to practice2018 was another challenging year in the politics of sustainable development. SEI, again ranked one of the world’s top two environmental policy think tanks, maintained its focus on the Sustainable Development Goals and on accelerating climate action.

Our approach to research and engagement makes an impact from global to local, translating the ambitious 2030 Agenda into actionable policies and effective practice.

“As the politics of sustainable development shift, dimensions such as health, poverty and gender and social equality are becoming even more central topics for us,” said Måns Nilsson, SEI’s Executive Director. “They are woven through environmental issues and challenges as drivers, as impact areas, and as levers for sustainable solutions.”

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development can only be achieved through coherent policies and integrated action.

Scientific impact

Evidence is the bedrock of our engagement in policy and practice and of our communications, and 2018 showed our performance in high-quality scientific publishing exceeding the previous year once again. In 2018 our researchers published more than 100 peer-reviewed articles, increasing our output by 10%. Our citation rate also increased substantially compared with 2017, to 7500.

Citations have been rising in an upwards trend, with clear growth from 2007 (around 500 citations) to 2018 (around 7500 citations).

Citations of peer-reviewed articles with SEI authors, 2003–2018. Source: Web of Science.

Chains of change

We have selected seven impact stories on our achievements from 2018. The stories show how we work with partners to enable change at different scales, using approaches that are coherent across sectors and over time.

Funding sources

As an independent research and policy organization, SEI receives funding from a wide variety of sources, including government departments, development agencies, non-government organizations, businesses, academic and research groups and financial institutions. We are grateful to our funding partners for their support in 2018.

Total funding: 274.6M. From Sida: 72.9M. From the Swedish Ministry of the Environment and Energy via Formas: 32M. From Mistra: 21.7M. From the European Commission: 14.7M. From the Swedish Research Council Formas (13.2M).

Total funding and top five funders. All figures are in SEK millions.


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