SEI 2017 AdaptationWatch brief2
Low-lying homes in Bangladesh. Charlotte Hugman/ICCCAD

To do this, the authors argue, climate leaders must learn from existing work under other international regimes to ensure the effectiveness of their programs. This includes support for long-term capacity building, with recipient countries taking ownership of the work.

The authors analyzed data in development agency reports, and derive policy pointers from their findings. These are as follows:

  • International and national support through institutions and financing is critical for successful capacity building.
  • Capacity building must be designed to be long-term and self-sustaining.
  • National ownership by recipient countries of capacity building efforts is key to ensuring their success.
  • Education, training, and awareness-building on human rights is central to sustaining long-term capacity building.

The brief is a summary of a chapter in the forthcoming 2017 AdaptationWatch Report, to be released at COP23 in November 2017. SEI is a partner in AdaptationWatch.

Download the brief (PDF:1.7MB)