This briefing – drawing on research in the AdaptationWatch report – suggests that many countries have not submitted their BURs, not complied with UNFCCC reporting requirements, or have used vastly different reporting approaches, making comparisons extremely difficult, if not impossible.

SEI 2017 AdaptationWatch 4 BURs image1 pub page2
Flooding in Fiji, a member of the Alliance of Small Island Developing States and Presidency for COP23. Credit: AusAID


The authors offer policy pointers based on their findings, as follows:

  • There is a need to understand why many non-Annex I countries have not submitted or not complied with requirements for the Biennial Update Reports. Support should be provided to identify issues and assist with this process.
  • Common reporting approaches must be adopted that include guidelines for information reporting categories, as well as underlying definitions, methodologies, and assumptions. The UNFCCC should work closely with non-Annex I countries to develop suitable guidelines that are within the capacities of the various Parties.

Read the briefing (PDF: 850KB)

To read the full chapter on this research, see the 2017 AdaptationWatch Report, released at COP23 in November 2017.