Abstract: “Chinese translation of the book first published by Earthscan.This work exposes how water flow links nature and society through water’s many parallel functions as the “blood stream” of both the natural environment and the embedded human environment – and the resulting conflicts that arise. The authors argue that a sustainable future depends fundamentally on our ability to manage these trade-offs. They advocate an ecological approach to land/water/environmental problems and argue for viewing precipitation as the gross water resource. Distinguishing between terrestrial aquatic ecosystems, they show how an ecological approach can be expressed in water-related trade-offs, incorporating criteria for long-term resilience. Based on per capita needs for an acceptable nutritional diet, the authors analyse the amounts of water needed for global food production by 2050 and identify potential sources. Drawing on small-scale experiences in Africa and Asia, they also cover the vulnerability of the semi-arid tropics, disentangling it into green and blue water scarcity components. 本书研究人与环境在水资源需求方面的相互关联、平衡和矛盾,强调水资源的可持续利用依赖于人类从长远的角度来权衡利弊,并提出了解决土地、水资源与环境问题的生态水文学方法。本书的两位作者为全球水资源管理领域的著名专家。联合国环境计划署前署长认为:本书是更好地了解与淡水有关的复杂问题的权威性著作,对水资源管理领域的科研人员和决策者极具参考价值。
Locality: Global
ISBN: 7 5084 3783 7