The European Commission FP7 funded MEDIATION project (Methodology for Effective Decision-making on Impacts and AdaptaTION) is looking at adaptation decision support tools, in line with its objectives to advance the analysis of impacts, vulnerability and adaptation, and to promote knowledge sharing through the MEDIATION Adaptation Platform (

To complement the information on the Platform, a series of Technical Policy Briefing Notes have been produced on Decision Support Methods for Climate Change Adaptation. This note, Policy Briefing Note 1: Method Overview, provides a summary of the decision support tools, their potential relevance for adaptation and guidance on their potential applicability. It covers a range of traditional decision support tools (cost-benefit analysis, cost-effectiveness analysis and multi-criteria analysis) as well alternative approaches that more fully capture uncertainty (real options analysis, robust decision making, portfolio analysis and iterative risk (adaptive) management, adaptation turning points and analytic hierarchy process). It also includes complementary tools that can assist in adaptation assessment including social network analysis.

Additional information on each of the methods, including case study examples, is included in a series of separate Policy Briefing Notes (2 – 9).

Download the Briefing Note (PDF: 1MB)