Consumers and businesses contribute to greenhouse gas emissions in many ways. For many years, the State of Oregon has conducted an inventory of emissions, focusing on emissions produced within the state. But that focus only tells part of the story of how Oregon contributes to climate change: As a result of purchasing goods and services, Oregonians contribute to emissions around the world.

Until now, the contribution of Oregonians to these out-of-state emissions has not been well understood. This study by SEI, the first application of our Consumption Based Emissions Inventory (CBEI) model, aims to complete the picture, estimating the emissions – both in-state and elsewhere – associated with consumption by Oregon residents, businesses and governments.

Looking at 2005 data, the study finds that more than half of Oregon’s consumption-based emissions occur in other states or nations. This new insight points to new opportunities for Oregonians to reduce their emissions.

Download the summary report (PDF, 563kb), or look at the full report package on the Oregon DEQ website, which also includes a technical report, a supplemental report by the DEQ, and answers to commonly asked questions.