Today environmental issues are part of daily life, a feature of the modern world almost everyone now recognises. Contemporary environmentalism has promoted a way of speaking and thinking about the environment that was not possible or imaginable decades ago.

Environmentalism Since 1945 provides a concise introduction to the greening of politics, science, economics and culture in the post-war period. It covers key issues, including:

  • The birth of the environmental movement
  • Development of global environmental governance
  • Climate science and the rise of climate skepticism
  • Green New Deal and the call for prosperity without growth
  • Greening of mainstream culture and efforts to change attitudes and behaviour
  • Challenges the environmental movement will have to address to continue to be a force change.

Each chapter provides a historical perspective, anchoring topics to real events, influential ideas, and prominent figures. This book is an essential introduction for all those interested in the history of environmentalism.

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