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SEI brief

Ethanol: towards a viable alternative for domestic cooking in Ethiopia

This discussion brief is based on findings from an SEI workshop and interviews with sector experts.

Fiona Lambe, Marie Jürisoo / Published on 7 May 2015

Lambe, F., Jürisoo, M. and Wikman, A. (2015). Ethanol: towards a viable alternative for domestic cooking in Ethiopia.

The brief outlines the need and demand for ethanol as an alternative, clean, safe and reliable option in the household energy mix in Ethiopia, particularly in urban areas, and how progress on ethanol for household cooking can support Ethiopia’s growth and development goals.

The workshop brought together 35 stakeholders from government, civil society, and the private sector, to reach a better understanding of the challenges and opportunities for operationalizing ethanol as a household cooking fuel, with particular focus on enabling private sector involvement, which is viewed as critical for progress.

Insights from the workshop support the findings of a study carried out by the Strategic Climate Institutions Programme (SCIP) on the prospects for micro-ethanol in Ethiopia.

Finally, the brief sets out which policies and measures could help drive the development of the sector.

Download the brief (985KB)

SEI authors

Fiona Lambe
Fiona Lambe

Senior Research Fellow

SEI Headquarters

Marie Jürisoo
Marie Jürisoo

Deputy Director and Operations Director

Global Operations

SEI Headquarters

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