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Fiona Lambe

Senior Research Fellow

Fiona Lambe

Fiona Lambe is a Senior Research Fellow based at SEI Headquarters and a member of the SEI Global Research Committee. She holds a PhD in Design from Linköping University, an MSc. in Development Studies and a BA in Political Science, both from University College Dublin.

Fiona’s research focuses on understanding the drivers of behaviour change in complex social ecological systems through inter-and trans-disciplinary research collaborations, often using design-based approaches.

In recent years, her work has examined the socio-cultural and behavioural drivers of technology uptake and the process of co-designing effective and inclusive solutions to sustainability challenges with households and communities.

Much of this work has entailed exploring and prototyping innovative methods and approaches for understanding behaviour change over time, drawing on the fields of service design and behavioural science. She has conducted research on this topic in Sweden, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, India, Cambodia, and Nepal.

Fiona has extensive knowledge of the environmental-health, policy and gender aspects of household and community access to energy and energy poverty. She has experience facilitating multi-level, multi-stakeholder policy dialogues on energy policy and planning, air quality, renewable energy development with focus on biofuels.

Prior to joining SEI, Fiona worked as an energy consultant for Project Gaia in Ethiopia, leading research on clean and renewable cooking fuels in a variety of settings, including refugee camps, internally displaced persons’ settlements, and urban households.

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