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Sustainable Transport Perspectives for Estonia. SEI Policy Brief 2011

The aim of the report was to evaluate the Estonian transport system and mobility trends using sustainable transport indicators and to give recommendations for a more sustainable transport policy.

Published on 25 August 2011
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The report focuses on several aspects where government can enhance transport energy efficiency and increase public transport use, encourage cycling and walking while tackling private car use. The business-as-usual or so called “BASE-scenario” and 13 sustainable transport indicators show that if current trends continue, Estonian transport and mobility will fail to achieve sustainable goals. Current transport policy in Estonia lacks measures to achieve EU level commitments for improving transport energy efficiency and limiting greenhouse gas emissions by 2020. At the same time Estonian cities have large potential to increase transport energy efficiency due to diversified mobility and therefore can develop a more sustainable transport system.

Estonian traffic safety has significantly improved during the last three years. 196 people died in traffic accidents in Estonia in 2007 and already by 2009 this number had decreased to 100. In 2007 Estonia was ranked among the lowest countries in the EU by traffic safety indicators.




4412 / PDF / 1 MB

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