The authors begin by discussing the abiding distrust that characterizes the global climate discourse, and the deep resentment that both governments and civil society in the South feel towards the stances and behaviours of the Annex I countries.

They also discuss the nature of equity in the climate regime, comment on equity as a gateway to increased ambition, and present Greenhouse Development Rights as an instructive, equity-based effort-sharing framework. Finally, they offer a brief discussion of possible pathways forward.

The article is part of the third volume of What Next, a compilation of more than 20 articles by authors from across the North and South, addressing the combined challenges of climate, development and equity.

Note: The book also includes a another article by Sivan Kartha, “India and Africa at COP17 – The false dichotomy of ‘survival vs. development'”, that was first published on the SEI website.

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