It describes observed trends in the local climate and goes on to suggest how the climate may be expected to change in the future given anthropogenic climate change, based on global model simulations as well as results from applying regional and downscaled models. The chapter concludes with a discussion on gaps in current understanding of the Cape Town climate and what is required to address these gaps.

About the book:
Climate change impacts are scale and context-specific, and cities are likely to bear some of the greatest costs. In recent years cities have begun to craft their own climate change responses against the backdrop of the reluctance displayed by nation-states in committing to emissions reductions and managing the consequences of climate change. This book focuses on the impacts of climate change in the rapidly evolving city of Cape Town, and captures the experiences of the Cape Town Climate Change Think Tank, a hybrid knowledge partnership which has produced research on a range of urban governance, impacts, mitigation and adaptation challenges by the City.

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